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Chuck Desramaux and
The Balsam Street Tapes

Chuck Desramaux picked up the guitar from the ragtime artist John Thibodeau, but he quickly asserted his individuality by writing his unique songs. Living in Windsor, he was a regular at the Catharsis Coffee House and played in such hard forgotten bands as “IrvilT. McCoy and the Prairie Dogs”, and “Yoshi And the Panasonics”. He went on to play the Canada Week Festival and Fiddler’s Green in Toronto, before moving to Thunder Bay in 1978. Chuck tempers his observations with a deft wit to create the paradoxical atmosphere of his songs. His range is only limited by his self-depreciating sense of humor. It was his father who first said “You don’t know whether to laugh or cry". When he’s not plucking, Chuck likes to swill beer and shoot pool, or practice fast getaways in his car. A University of Windsor critic once wrote. “Chuck has an outstanding feel for reality…if only he could get a grasp of it".

C.B. Weir

Thanks to J.T. and my Dad for all the encouragement.
Recorded live with two mikes hung on coat rack at 172 Balsam Street
Thunder Bay, Ontario....Peace.
Chuck Desramaux