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Riverdale High School Band

Riverdale high school band Under The Direction Of Glen A. Cole
This group of fifty high school students has a rather unique history. Five years ago Glen A. Cole, born and educated in Saskatchewan, dreamed of forming a high school band and he joined the staff of Riverdale High School with the secret desire to have his dream fulfilled. The criteria and rules laid down at the first practice are still in existence today and include such points as (a) the music taught must be exciting to the participants who in turn must dedicate at least five hours of practice per week and (b) the group must be a cohesive family unit with self-discipline. Over 200 young people have experienced an unforgetable relationship with this band. Many have gone on to graduate only to be replaced by other aspiring young juniors. Each year the turnover approaches 30%, yet at the end of every school term the sound seems better and better. This is due in a large measure to the efforts of Glen A. Cole who gave unselfishly of his time and effort to see his dream come true. In the school year 1970/71, the band reached what everyone felt was the pinnacle of its success by journeying to Saskatchewan and winning their Class Competition at the International Band Festival in Moose Jaw. However, there is no limit to the accomplishments of youth when their energies are channeled in the right direction and this record represents the culmination of five years of dedication by students and their music teacher. Together they bridged and united more than one generation with their music. This group has played in hospitals, Central stations, Schools, Recording studios, Outdoor theatres and Civic Centers to audiences if over 10,000 people. They have been the recipients of emotional standing ovations and have visited other provinces as ambassadors of goodwill representing the Province of Quebec.
This is a special album, with an enjoyable selection of music,
directed by “Mr. Cole and played by:
President Of Riverdale Highschool Band Booster Club R. Boyd Robertson